Starkville named 5th drunkest city in Mississippi

Staff Writer

The Bulldogs' hometown was recently named the fifth drunkest city in Mississippi by's 10 Drunkest Cities. The city is most known for having Mississippi State University. The presence of Mississippi State University and its 20,424 students account for Starkville's relatively high rank on the list.

"No, I'm not surprised we're on the list," said Curt Crissy, owner of the Bulldog Package Store. "I do think that the community would be surprised to know that the general consumer has a much more refined palate than they did a decade ago. Students are more likely to purchase quality over quantity these days."

According to Crissy and the sales of the Bulldog Package Store, vodka is the reigning champion of liquor sales.

"The most popular item that the store sells right now is Clique Vodka. Aside from that, women tend to buy wine more than anything and craft beer has become much more popular," said Crissy. The bars in Starkville, however, tend to sell more beer than liquor.

"We mostly sell beer. More specifically, we sell Budweiser the most," said Kathy Lipe, a manager at Dave's Dark Horse Tavern. According to Lipe, liquor sales are mainly from Jameson, Jack Daniels, and Jose Cuervo.

Lipe, like Crissy, wasn't surprised that Starkville is on the list of drunkest cities. "Working in a bar that's so busy and knowing the amount of DUIs regularly given in Starkville makes me think it'd be obvious that we're on the list."

Even on weekends when many MSU students go home the city doesn't suffer drops in sales. Both the Bulldog Package Store and Dave's agree that the busiest days are Thursdays through Saturdays and are centered on MSU holidays including Bulldog Bash, home football games, Super Bulldog weekend, and home games when other sports are doing well.

"Starkville has always been a bit more conservative. When I was in college, people would head to Hattiesburg or Oxford on the weekends if they were big partiers," said Crissy. The habit hasn't changed much over the years according to the list by RoadSnacks. Alongside Starkville, Hattiesburg placed at third on the list and Oxford placed second.

RoadSnacks used three factors when deciding which cities would make the list: population, amount of liquor stores and bars available, and the divorce rate in the city. The top 10 list in order is Biloxi, Oxford, Hattiesburg, Gulfport, Starkville, Columbus, Canton, Flowood, Corinth, and Jackson.