SPRD hopes upgraded website draws attention

The Starkville Park and Recreation Department has spent quite a bit of time over the last few years upgrading facilities.
Now SPRD Director Matthew Rye and his staff have a better way of getting the news about those improvements out to the public.
Rye has announced that a new website starkvilleparks.com offers more of an insight about the department.
"I'm thrilled about the new website," Rye said. "The other website just didn't give a true
representation of what we offer and this new website does that. We don't have it completely finished yet, but we're pretty close."
The website details the many programs SPRD offers with many photos and a video to get its point across.
Rye appreciates Robbie Coblentz and his staff at Broadcast Media for designing the site and giving the SPRD the control it needs to manage it.
"They designed it to where we are the web master and can update it as quick as possible," Rye said. "They helped us get a new video on there which gives a representation of what we do. They just did an excellent job of capturing what we want."
One of the issues that the website addresses more than anything else is the SPRD's ability to get the word out on field closings and weather cancellations.
"We can now get that information out to the parents as quick as possible," Rye said. "Now, hopefully we can get people to check that website that we can update up to minute status on field closings and eventually get to the point where we can register on line with our different programs. It's just providing the information on our end which is very important in what we do."
Rye encourages all parents to get into the habit of checking the website for up to the minute information and park news.