SPD headquarters: new building, new features

Pictured here is the inside of the new Starkville Police Department headquarters. At the end of the hallway is the new briefing room. (Photo by Logan Kirkland, SDN)
Staff Writer

The grand opening of the new Starkville Police Department headquarters marked a historic moment for the city of Starkville on Friday.

SPD Public Information Officer Brandon Lovelady said the department finally doesn't have to borrow or share the space with another entity.

"This is the first building for the city of Starkville that was built solely for the Starkville Police Department," Lovelady said.

With the new space, Lovelady said there are quiet reporting areas, separate from booking areas when in the past officers would be doubled up by sharing the same areas. He said it's long overdue, because these tasks should always be done separately.

"We have more space for our growing department, and we still have some room to grow," Lovelady said.

One of the new additions to improve the quality of operations is having more space to handle department business. One example Lovelady said is in the past there could have been an instance where someone was brought in highly intoxicated, and a person reporting something stolen would be in close proximity of each other.

"We can bring citizens to (the back)," Lovelady said. "Bring them to a place that's more fitting for a victim of a crime."

The new space also allows for more efficient equipment, which ultimately serves the people and city more effectively.

"We have more advanced equipment like a drying chamber to dry biological evidence to better preserve it," Lovelady said. "It was a great reuse of this space."

Lovelady said there is a new community area, which will be open to the public 24 hours a day. He said this new room can serve as a place for groups to meet in a neutral and safe place.

"You can call ahead and make sure the room is available and the community room will be available for public use," Lovelady said.

Even with all of the new additions, the new headquarters still harbors much of the building's original features. Some of these include original windows, beams and brick finishes.

One of the most visible parts of the new building is the briefing room. Upon walking through the doors is a long hallway leading to the briefing room, which sits on the original stage of the old building. In the room, lining the back floor, are stage lights.

"We have this big briefing area which can be multipurpose as a training room," Lovelady said. "We don't have to go across town to do things anymore."


• The new headquarters has a weight room for officers to work out in and lockers to hold their personal belongings.

• Located near the front of the building, windows for dispatch and officers working the front are bullet proof.

• The new building has holding cells for both adults and juveniles. SPD will not house inmates.

• On the second floor, there are two interview and interrogation rooms.

• There is an EOC room, which looks like a big conference room. This room is dedicated for observing community events like Bulldog Bash.

• All of the SPD officers are wearing a new badge, which shows the new headquarters in the background.