Reed’s to close Columbus location

Staff Writer

One of Mississippi’s oldest local businesses - Reed’s - will be closing its Columbus location in the spring of 2018.

There are three other locations with two stores in Tupelo and one in Starkville.

Lex Jackson, owner of Jackson Square, said it’s time for him to take a step back and with both him and the Reed’s not having any family wanting to take over the business, that’s what sparked the closure.

Operating out of Jackson Square, closing Reed’s will end a roughly 45-year partnership between the Jackson and Reed family.

“The main reason, selfishly is I’m about to turn 70,” Jackson said. “We wouldn’t have done it if we had a son or a daughter that wanted to come in, that’s really the main crux of it.”

One of the hardest parts about closing the business, Jackson said, is having to close the doors on the excellent and loyal business it receives.

“People’s children and their children have shopped with us,” Jackson said.

Jackson said the name of the store could not be used if it were sold due to the other locations in Mississippi. He said if this were the only location, they would have tried their hardest to sell it.

“In a family business you either sell it or close it if you don’t have succession,” Jackson said.

With the closure, Jackson said he is planning on selling his interest from the Starkville location to the location in Tupelo, allowing that store to have full ownership.

“Now they will own 100 percent of the store,” Jackson said.

With loyal customers, Jackson said it is hard to walk away from a business that has a good reputation in the city. He said although it is difficult, 48 years is a long time for anyone to be a part of something and hopes the customers can understand.

With this closure, Jackson said he doesn’t think anybody will see any changes at all at the Starkville location.

Saddened by the decision, Jackson said he knows Columbus will be losing a respected city business with a strong relationship with its customers and hopes the citizens understand his decision.

“It’s an emotional decision,” Jackson said. “But timewise and age-wise it’s the right time to do it.”