Officials to unveil strategic plans for Artesia, Crawford

CRAWFORD — The towns of Artesia and Crawford are undergoing a quiet yet substantial transformation.
At a joint Town Hall meeting Tuesday, the towns will release the strategic plan for their respective communities.
The plans – funded by the Appalachian Regional Commission and Lowndes County Board of Supervisors – represent six months of civic involvement and in-depth analysis of community and economic development challenges and emerging issues confronting the towns.
“We have developed plans that consensus of our citizens feel will restore our towns to prosperity and make them a better place to live and attract new residents” said Jimmy Sanders, Artesia’s mayor.
“Both of our towns are ideally located on Highway 45, and have unlimited potential,” says Mayor Fred Talon of Crawford.
“Our community development efforts are pragmatic and practical for small rural towns to Address quality of life and livability issues – prepare our citizens for the good jobs in the region, strong local government, excellent community amenities, a safe appealing environment and restoration of our downtowns,” Talon said.
“The towns are made up of proud hardworking people. The majority of them drive to Starkville, Columbus, and Meridian to work. Some are employed in low-skill and low-wage jobs. We want them to earn more and come home to good housing and a place to buy the basics to provide the evening meals,” Sanders and Talon agreed.
“That’s why we were adamant with completing the strategic plans.”
The public, state, county and federal officials are invited to the meeting to release the plans Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Village Life Center located at 806 Tarlton Road, Crawford.
For information or directions call (662) 212-5104 or (662) 272-5164.