New general store to open in Maben

MABEN — Today, the General Store of Maben will open its doors to the public.
The General Store, which for many years operated under various names — including B.F. Sanders and Son Hardware, W.C. and Son Hardware, Robert Bell’s Hardware and finally Tenhet’s Hardware — will operate under the ownership of Betty Rodgers, who will sell general merchandise.
Rodgers said the store has been approved for EBT cards, which will be an added bonus for some of the Maben citizens, who have had to walk to the grocery stores in Maben for years.
After browsing through the store, Rodgers has available a general variety of merchandise: Canned goods, cereals, cake mixes, cleaning supplies, dairy products, bread, a few medical supplies, pet food, fishing supplies (crickets, worms, night crawlers) and eventually sliced meats and cheese. She says she will add to the merchandise as the need arises.
Rodgers acknowledged that she had her ears open to the public for items that the general populace would like to find in the store for sale.
Costumers will find a congenial proprietor willing to serve the citizens, who for some time now have had to travel to other communities for general supplies.
This is an opportunity to keep our tax base up, which helps fund the police department and the public library, as well as other services offered in Maben.