Mississippi State Gameday App

For Starkville Daily News

Also, MSU has joined forces with SportsLabs to develop the Mississippi State Gameday App to keep fans connected to the action while at the game or watching from home.
“We are pleased and honored to be able to continue providing our fans with an experience that is unmatched throughout the landscape of college athletics,” MSU Athletic Director Scott Stricklin said. “I can’t wait for our fans to see first-hand just how beneficial it will be to every aspect of their gameday experience.”
The app will provide fans with live stats, play-by-play, and scores from around the top 25 and the Southeastern Conference, along with stadium and campus maps that will provide real-time parking and traffic updates.
The goal of the partnership is to provide an innovative fan experience that is unmatched in college sports. To accomplish this goal, MSU and SportsLabs are working to develop a custom platform which will utilize geolocation and iBeacon technologies to assist fans with campus parking and transit, as well as stadium ingress and wait times.
These new technologies will be rolled-out in three phases throughout this season, the first of which being the official app launch for Saturday’s game.
As the 2015-16 athletic season progresses, fans will also be able to access the features of the app at Bulldog basketball, baseball and softball games.
The Gameday App is packed with robust social, on-campus and stadium features that enhance the gameday experience.