Man pulls victim from flipped car

For Randy Brown, it was a case of James McCain being in the right place at the right time.
McCain helped free Brown from his black Nissan Maxima after it veered off of South Louisville Street and flipped into a culvert around 4 p.m. Friday.
Brown, 39, was headed south on Louisville Street and had to swerve when the driver of the car in front of him decided not to make a right turn at the last minute.
Brown then lost control of his car and went straight down into the culvert, where it landed on upside down in a pool of water.
The culvert was located on the west side of the road between Starkville Veterinary Hospital and Triangle Townhouses.
“It was just thinking, ‘Let me get out of here,’” said Brown, who was wearing a seat belt, which kept him trapped in the car because the engine was still running.
McCain, the maintenance superintendent for Triangle Townhouses, was nearby when the crash occurred and raced over to Brown’s car, grabbing a piece of concrete from the culvert to break the right rear window and get inside.
“I was hoping he wasn’t conked out and in the water,” McCain said.
McCain then borrowed a knife to cut Brown free from the seat belt’s restraint.
Brown was examined by OCH Regional Medical Center paramedics at the crash site, but declined to be taken to the hospital for further examination and medical treatment.
“I’m sore, but I’m OK,” said Brown, who expressed gratitude to McCain for his help.
For McCain, it was just a question of doing what was right.
“I just felt I needed to help,” he said.