Maben Public Library serving Lizards for Lunch

For the Daily News

The roadrunner is the world’s fastest running flying bird. The roadrunner can run about 15 miles per hour, but received its name before cars were invented.  The roadrunner lives on mice, insects, lizards, snakes, scorpions, spiders, and small birds.
At a recent story hour, Ms. Mary chose Lizards For Lunch by Conrad J. Storad  for the little tots tiny little ears and mind’s edification. The roadrunner, which lives amongst the coyotes, jackrabbits, and quail, spend its day running around looking for lizards for lunch. Lizards are plump, soft, and chewy, but the fat ones with the horns taste the best.
The roadrunner runs all day through the desert looking for food and trying to avoid its enemies like the rattle snake and the eagles. The roadrunner has keen eyesight to spot his lunch, which is also fast on its feet, but this keeps the roadrunner body lean.
The roadrunner has a unique sound; it coos for its family. The sound is loud and sounds like this: “coo coo-ah  coo-ah coo-ah.” His feathers are buff brown with a green and bronze sheen decorated with black and white speckles.  While is he looking for food, he spreads his wings and flaps them as he runs through the brush, which scares up insects for him to snap up with his long sharp beak.  
Throughout this colorful book are delightful pictures of the desert insects and lizards, which put up quite a fight before the roadrunner gobbles them up. The roadrunner likes to eat mice, bugs, and spiders too, but loves the lizards best of all. The children spent part of the story hour time coloring a roadrunner.
This book was purchased for the library’s use by Dottie Dewberry while she was her Out West Trip.
Parents: Story hour is on Friday morning at ten o’clock for children ages 3-6 years old. While at the library they will be exposed to numbers, rhymes, colors, animals, shapes, sounds, counting, comparisons, and many other pre-school skills.