Kiwanis Club and Families First promote reading

Pat May, President of Kiwanis of Starkville, partners with the Center by providing funding and volunteers to promote literacy to children 0 to 5 years old. The Club sponsors “WEE READ” Program by providing reading materials and educational prizes to children in the 24 licensed pre-schools, private day care and in-home childcare centers in Oktibbeha County. Each month 3 facilities are selected to encourage parents to read to their children during the month. Each facility receives 5 books, each child that participates receives 1 book, and the 3 top readers receive a book and an educational toy that promotes reading. Any parent of a preschooler 0-5 years of age may participate by calling 320-4607. Oktibbeha County Families First Resource Center is a program of Starkville School District’s Department of Family Centered Programs and funded by the MS State Department of Human Services.