Jackets set for 'big' test in jamboree

It will be tough enough for the Starkville High School football team to scrimmage in the heat of the day at Mississippi State's Davis-Wade Stadium.
Having Jackson Callaway's 6-foot-5, 320-pound offensive lineman Aaron Morris pounding on the Yellowjackets during that time will make it feel much worse.
The Jackets are scheduled to go against Morris and his Chargers at 1 p.m. today during a high school football jamboree hosted by New Hope High School.
Starkville senior quarterback welcomes the challenge of what a team with the size of Callaway brings.
He said the Jackets have been working hard in practice and it's time to find out what they need to do to compete.
"(Scrimmaging Callaway) is going to help a lot because we're facing some of the top linemen in the state and we'll get to see what we're working with," Johnson said.
The Chargers easily average over 300 pounds across the offensive line made up of three Division I linemen in the opinion of Starkville football coach Jamie Mitchell.
"I don't know if we'll see a better offensive line," Mitchell said.
Mitchell understands the test a team with an offensive line that large presents, but he's ready to see what strides his squad has made.
"As always, you are eager going into these things, especially when you're new, and you don't know what to expect," Mitchell said. " The big thing is I hope we see a drastic improvement from the spring. That's really what I'm hoping for."
Mitchell continues to see progress in the Jackets and have tried to accomplish everything the coaches have asked of them.
"They continue to work on the thing we've talked about from practice tempo and effort at practice," Mitchell said., "We're certainly not there, but they are getting better at it. That's a key thing. I can always find another thing or two wrong, but we're getting better."
As for the potential weather, Mitchell wants to see where the program stands whether it be raining, or sunny and hot.
"It's going to be a steamer out there, but we want to find out a little more about our identity," Mitchell said. "Our kids are ready to see somebody in a different color jersey."
Even if it be large ones.