Harris likes where boxing career going

Charles Harris
Staff Writer

Charles Harris likes where the sport of boxing is taking him.

After winning his last fight on October 31 in Columbus, Harris improved his record to 8-0. He has two division titles.

Harris has a movie coming out about his life with the title, “The Life of Charles Harris,” which is based off the book he wrote himself. He also has a shoe deal that is gone well.

“Things are looking up for me in the sport of boxing,” Harris said. “I have the opportunity to try out for Team Goosey sometime in January and I have a benefit December 2.

“Life is going pretty good for me right now. We’re looking at a place (for a next fight) on Mississippi State campus, Trotter Convention Center (in Columbus) or somewhere around here in Starkville or Tupelo.”
Harris was also excited about picking up a new sponsor recently in Dairy Queen.

Although boxing takes up a big part of his time, Harris makes time to support football and that focus is with the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Harris was in attendance when the Bulldogs lost a tough 31-24 decision to the Alabama Crimson Tide at Davis Wade Stadium, but came away impressed.

“I walked in to Mississippi State when they played Bama,” Harris said. “It was a great game and made me very proud of the boys.

“I finally met the heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder in Tuscaloosa. I was over there bragging to him about Mississippi State.”