Go Mommy Go

OCH Regional Medical Center Wellness Connection fitness instructor Corey Martin serves as an inspiration for all moms.
After the birth of her first child, Parker, Martin felt the itch to return to exercise, but didn’t want to leave her newborn for more time than she had to.
She quickly purchased a jogging stroller and hit the streets with little Parker, and the duo exercised every day and even competed in races together.
After two more children, Martin is even more adamant about exercise and decided to write a book about being a mommy and staying in shape.
The book is called “Go Mommy Go,” and it tells the story of how Parker and mommy would run together.
Parker is now a kindergartner at Sudduth Elementary, and recently, Martin visited her daughter’s class to read the book and show the young children some exercises they can do now to promote a healthy life.