Frustration builds over student stadium seating

BB Staff Writer

With Mississippi State’s football season off to a 2-2 start, several students were polled about their biggest frustration regarding game days and almost all had the same response: Student section seating.
“Our school sends us emails to promote MSU love on game day. We buy maroon shirts to present ‘True Maroon. ‘We ring those cowbells proudly to carry on the long time honored tradition, but what good does that do if we can’t even attend the game?” Brandee Harper, an elementary education major, says.
Harper is just one among many students who have expressed their disdain at the way students get into the games. Wristbands are required to enter the student sections.
“I think it’s ridiculous that there aren’t even enough tickets for all the students. If we have tickets, though, that doesn’t matter either because if you don’t get in line two hours prior to kickoff, you’re not getting a wrist band.”
Harper finds it difficult to leave tailgating at Junction, another tradition at MSU, to stand in line in hopes of getting a wrist band, and then trying to find seats in the stadium.
“The whole point of theJunction is for people to come together, tailgate, and root for the Bulldogs; it’s not to stand in a line for what seems like forever just to get a seat that’s too close for comfort to strangers,” Harper says.
Other students polled at the Junction on game days expressed the same frustrations as Harper.
Many were frustrated with how the vendors checked in order to get a wrist band.
One student, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he stood in line for about 30 minutes and luckily he got a wrist band while his friends didn’t.
What makes matters worse is that he saw kids who were still in high school from his hometown walking around with a wrist band.
Harper believes MSU administration needs to focus a little more energy on helping out the students.
“I think that MSU needs to spend money trying to improve the space in the student section so that all students can attend the game. It’s a waste of money for students to buy tickets to a game they can’t attend,” Harper said.
Harper doesn’t see a better option but believes students should be given more respect on game days in terms of where they sit, as well as, when they can come in.
“It’s not worth missing out on the Junction atmosphere to stand in line to ensure a seat that is already paid for. I speak for myself and others, it would be nice to spend those extra hours that would be spent waiting in line, tailgating with my family, friends, and fans,” Harper says.