Find fashionable trends at an affordable price at Miss Chaos

A new boutique has come to Starkville and its owner, Lauren Wilson, is a interior design and education major at Mississippi State.
"It's a thriving opportunity and I believed Starkville needed another locally owned boutique with trendy clothes for the trendy girls at an affordable price," Wilson says.
Wilson is a 21-year-old from Madison. She opened her store, Miss Chaos, this week at 100 W. Lampkin St. .
The store includes jewelry, shoes, clothes and picture frames made by Kaylyn Orr and Tyler Weir.
With Starkville being a college town that houses many college students, Lauren wanted to bring all the fashionable trends at inexpensive prices.
All merchandise in the store costs $50 or less.
"I wanted everything to be affordable. I made it to how I actually would want to shop," Wilson says.
The name, Miss Chaos, came about when Wilson wanted her store to have a trendy setting and fun atmosphere.
"Miss Chaos came about because the name is fun and flirty, which is how every girl wants to dress," she said
Wilson started preparing for this store in June and began preparing the store in August.
She got most of the clothing when she went to New York this summer where she learned valuable lessons in the industry of marketing.
"It allowed me to see how many different brands are out there and it made me hope to one day have the higher up end of a company," Wilson said
Haylee Hull, a family studies major, was amazed at the prices and loves that she has a store in Starkville to go to that has the best deal.
"What she has is very cute and affordable. Under $50 dollars and it's all high end brands. It's perfect for the football season and everything is fashionable for a college student," Hull says.
Wilson wants other students to see that when you put your mind to it, you can really make it happen. She also wants students who have their own little projects to come in anytime.
"We also support young entrepreneurs by previewing local art work and handmade jewelry by students," Wilson says.