Favre has work to do in order to play at MSU

Just because he has the last name Favre doesn't mean Dylan will be given anything at Mississippi State.
Although Dylan Favre, the nephew of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, has turned some heads with his throwing ability during the first week of preseason practice, most agree the freshman has a long way to go to see the top of the depth chart for the Bulldogs.
MSU offensive coordinator Les Koenning said during the team's Media Day on Saturday that junior Chris Relf has taken the momentum of his performance in last year's Egg Bowl against Ole Miss into the preseason as the No. 1 signal caller with redshirt freshman Tyler Russell listed second and Favre coning in third.
Koenning has already had to issue a little extra work for Favre because he's been late to a meeting, but that's not to take away from his potential at quarterback.
Even though he knows it's been an "eye-opening experience" for Favre, Koenning believes the young quarterback understands how important timing is to a meeting as well as his pass attempts, which turns out is pretty good.
"Wherever he throws and whoever he throws it to, he hits it," Koenning said. "He doesn't miss very often. He's got a tremendous knack of completing passes and as a quarterback that's a great trait. He hasn't had a ball batted yet."
Russell said the strength of Favre right now is his willingness to compete. He considers that a plus for any freshman and Russell should know because that's the position he was in last year with the Bulldogs.
MSU head coach Dan Mullen said it was too early to tell if any freshmen would be able to play this fall and doesn't expect the quarterback battle to be settled for a while.
Mullen likes the fact that Favre wants to be on the field, but just can't guarantee it at this point.
"We've got a No. 3 that wants to take every single snap." Mullen said. "You never want a player who wants to sit on the bench."
Russell says Favre's determination has created a healthy competition among the three signal callers.
After being "the guys" on their teams in high school, Favre, Russell and Relf are locked in a fierce battle to be the top Bulldogs behind center.
"It's not the coaches putting the pressure on them," Koenning said. "It's each other. They are competing and that's been really fun to watch."
Koenning said Relf has done things to improve his throwing ability and Russell has worked on running the football.
Relf told me that he's still working on doing the little things, becoming a leader on and off the field and plans to give 100 percent.
Teammates have been noticing the work the quarterbacks have been put in and have found it hard to pick out one over the other at this point.
"I could have any one of them back there and feel confident," said MSU senior offensive tackle Derek Sherrod.
Relf deserves to start when the Bulldogs open the season against Memphis on Sept. 4 because of his experience, but it will be interesting to see how much progress Russell and Favre make in the coming weeks.
Danny P. Smith is sports editor and columnist for the Starkville Daily News. The opinions in this column are his and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Daily News or its staff.