Displays associated with Three Cups of Tea at Starkville Public Library

For the Daily News

Get a feel for the culture of Pakistan and Afghanistan in a special display at the Starkville Public Library.
In connection with the collaboration of Starkville Reads and the MSU Maroon Edition on Greg Mortenson’s acclaimed book Three Cups of Tea, several display cases have been set up at the Starkville Public Library with native dress from Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as dolls in authentic clothing, a tea set, and other items.
The display cases with the clothing flank the doors leading to the library annex, while the other artifacts are in a small display case near the check-out desk.
These displays will remain in the library until the end of September and will complement the programs by Shaz Akram on the cultures of these countries on Monday, August 30 at 7 p.m. and by Dr. Michael Kardos on the book itself on Tuesday, September 14 at 7 p.m.
Akram, the Assistant Director of MSU’s Holmes Cultural Diversity Center and a native of Pakistan, contributed both men’s and women’s clothing from her country as well as a pair of dolls from each of three regions of the country and the tea set and other items. Dr. Wanda Cheek, Professor of Merchandising and Entrepreneurship in the School of Human Sciences, contributed male and female garments from Afghanistan, which were given to her son while serving in the military there by the inhabitants of a village. She also provided the dress forms on which all the garments are displayed. Akram and Cheek worked with library director Ginny Holtcamp and the president of Starkville Reads Nancy Hargrove to set up the displays.
Hargrove encourages Starkvillians to come to the library to see the displays: “The outfits are amazing,” she said. “The women’s dresses in particular contain fine needle-work done by hand, and the clothing on the dolls is authentic down to the smallest detail.” Holtcamp said that the library is grateful to Akram and Cheek for allowing the items to be displayed there and for sharing their expertise in creating the displays.