Christian film asks the question...What If God gave you a second chance?

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Introducing WHAT IF… a Pure Flix and Jenkins Entertainment film starring, Kevin Sorbo, Kristy Swanson, Debby Ryan, and John Ratzenberger.
WHAT IF tells the story of Ben Walker (Kevin Sorbo), fifteen years after leaving his college sweetheart Wendy (Kristy Swanson) and his calling to be a preacher in order to pursue a business opportunity.
Now with a high-paying executive gig, a trophy fiancé and a new Mercedes, he hasn't even considered a family nor felt the need to set foot in a church in fifteen years.
But God has other plans. While on a thrill ride outside the city, his new car mysteriously breaks down, and he's visited by a tow truck driver named Mike (John Ratzenberger) who claims to be an angel sent to show Ben what his life would look like had he followed his true calling.
Suddenly Ben wakes up in the middle of domestic chaos as his wife Wendy and daughters (including Disney Channel's Debby Ryan) are getting ready for church, where Ben is the new pastor.
Before he can get back to his old life, Ben must first embrace this reality and discover the value of faith and family, and perhaps restore his love for those who were heartbroken fifteen years ago: Wendy and God. In the tradition of Its a Wonderful Life and The Family Man, What If is a story of finding your true purpose in life.

About the Cast

Kevin Sorbo – “Ben Walker”
Sorbo quickly rose to stardom in the title role of the hit series, Hercules, the Legendary Journeys, which eventually passed Baywatch as the most watched TV show in the world, airing in 176 countries. Following the success of Hercules, Sorbo went on to star in the lead role as “Captain Dylan Hunt” in Gene Roddenberry’s, Andromeda. The series debuted as the number one one hour show in first run syndication and held that spot throughout it’s five year run from 2000-2005, showing in over 150 countries around the world. In 1997,
Sorbo made his feature film debut in Kull, the Conqueror, a prequel to Conan, the Barbarian. Other films include, Walking Tall, The Payback, Walking Tall, Lone Justice, The Last Chance Café, Something Beneath, Clipping Adam, and The Avenging Angel, which aired in the summer of 2007 and was the third highest rated movie in the history of Hallmark. “He’s also featured in the faith-based film Soul Surfer, which will be released in the Fall of 2010.” Sorbo has guest starred on the hit shows Just Shoot Me, According to Jim, Hope and Faith, Two and a Half Men, USA networks Psych, and had recurring appearances on Dharma and Greg, and on Fox’s The OC in 2006-2007. Sorbo is also spokesman for A World Fit For Kids, a non-profit organization that provides gang, drug, and dropout prevention to teens through mentoring programs. A native of Mound, Minn., Sorbo is a sports enthusiast and an avid golfer. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Sam, and three young children.

Kristy Swanson – “Wendy Walker”
Swanson is probably best known for her starring role in the Twentieth Century Fox feature film, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. “When the movie came out, it was enormously successful and I was thrilled. At the time there were no films where girls had a heroine to look up to,” says Swanson. The film remains a cult classic to this day and was spun off into the popular WB television series Buffy. Swanson was born in Mission Viejo, Calif., and began her professional career at the age of nine working in television commercials. By the time she was 13, she had more than 30 commercials to her credit, and had landed her first television series, Dreamfinders, for the Disney Channel. Swanson soon convinced her parents to move to Hollywood so she could pursue her dream of acting. She has since landed roles in dozens of films and TV shows, and was recently the winner of the reality show Skating with Celebrities.

Debby Ryan – “Kimberly Walker”
Debby Ryan was born in Alabama. She has performed in churches, theater performance groups and talent competitions. Ryan’s father was in the military, so she often moved to different places in Europe. She moved to Germany at 7 years of age and got involved in professional theatre production. She settled back in United States at 10 years of age when she realized that she wanted to act full time.
Debby can speak German along with English, her primary language. She found she loved acting. From a young age, Debby was involved in basic theatre productions and shows in a public school in North Texas.
She then debuted in 2007 as a guest character in Barney: Let’s Go to the Firehouse, and then landed a small role in the Ice Cube movie The Longshots.
After a video audition for a nation-wide search, she secured the role that has made her famous, Bailey Pickett on the Disney Channel hit show, The Suite Life on Deck.
She also has the starring role in the upcoming Disney Channel original movie, Sixteen Wishes.

John Ratzenberger – “Mike the angel”
Ratzenberger was a house framer living in London when he began his career in the performing arts. His first role was a Patron in The Ritz (1976). He appeared in minor roles in movies including Firefox; A Bridge Too Far; Superman II as the NASA control man; Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) as Major Bren Derlin; Outland (1981) as a doomed mine worker named Tarlow, and Gandhi (1982), playing as an American Lieutenant. Ratzenberger is best known for playing mail carrier Cliff Clavin on the sitcom Cheers. However, he has found a niche as Pixar’s “good luck charm,” voicing a role in every one of Pixar’s films to date.
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