Book signing set today

Author Bill Walker will sign and share from his new novel that has generated a great deal of buzz in the Delta, according to Caroline Abadie of the Book Mart.
Walker will be at the Book Mart from 4 to 5 p.m. today in downtown Starkville to sign his new book, "Death Pledge."
Abadie said the novel isn't quite like any she has ever read before. She said the novel begins as a traditional murder mystery, but the ending takes the reader completely by surprise.
"Death Pledge" is the story of a cold-blooded and ruthless female assassin, Murphy. She thought she’d found the perfect gig: no shortage of assignments and an employer with unlimited funds. But her latest kill might have ruined it all, in more ways than one.
Sent to a sleepy Mississippi Delta town to kill an attractive lawyer named Samantha Owens, Murphy doesn’t realize just how this young woman’s death will affect her.
Not only was Samantha on the cusp of revealing greedy bankers caught up in fraudulent subprime lending schemes, but she also left an indelible mark on Murphy — the curse of forgiveness.
Despite trying to keep a lid on their illegal activities, Murphy’s employers are about to be exposed when Samantha’s gruesome murder hits national headlines. With time running out, loose ends must be severed and unfortunately, Murphy is one of them.
She is now one the run for her own life. Her only escape lies in joining forces with her latest assignment, Jake Harlow, Samantha’s law partner. Caught between the parameters of heaven and hell, Murphy struggles to not only save her life, but also her soul.
For more information about today's book signing, contact the Book Mart at 323-2844.