'Biggest Loser' fitness challenge to kick off

Brandon Gann is self-proclaimed fitness buff.
He is also a certified personal trainer, and he’s bringing his knowledge to a series of classes at the Sportsplex aimed at helping people who want to lose those extra pounds.
“I have been a fitness trainer for a couple of years and wanted to get some people together to work out. I have always enjoyed training folks, but it is time-consuming,” Gann said. “It’s more fun and more motivating when you have a big class and work out together.”
That’s why he put together a special challenge with the fitness classes he’s teaching based upon a popular NBC-TV reality show. “Starkville’s Biggest Loser” will be a competition among the class participants beginning Sept. 20 and continuing for the next three months, Gann said.
The class member losing the most weight after three months will win a $500 prize.
Though the fitness classes began in late August, those interested in participating in the class and in the “Biggest Loser” challenge can still register up until Sept. 20.
The fee for class members participating in the “Biggest Loser” challenge is $200 per person; the fee for those just wanting to take the classes is $50 per month.
Each class involves a full body workout over 45 minutes, involving both cardio, leg and core exercises based on the P90X and Insanity workout programs, Gann said. No weights are used, he said.
The class meets at 7 p.m. at the Sportsplex on weeknights.
“This is designed to be a fat-burning, full body workout,” Gann said.
Some participants are already seeing weight loss results, Gann said. Currently, there are 15 “regulars” participating in the class, he said.
“One girl lost 8 pounds after the first week and a half. Those in the class are exhausted by the time were done with each class,” Gann said.
Though the workout is strenuous, class members do the exercises at their own pace, Gann said.
“If you want to go faster, you can go faster. If you want to go slower, you can go slow until you get used to it,” Gannn said. “But you will get a full body workout.”
For more information, contact Gann at by phone at (662) 769-2661 or Lisa Cox at the Starkville Parks and Recreation Department at 323-2294.