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City revises strategic plan, checks off goals already met

February 3, 2011

Officials adopted a revision this week to what they call a progressive strategic plan for their term.
Stamped with the vision of being "known as the most progressive city in Mississippi," the operational blueprint lays out goal-by-goal how officials will realize that vision.
A year after the board drafted the plan, Mayor Parker Wiseman and six of the seven-member Board of Aldermen happily checked off each task that was accomplished.
"You've got a proactive group and a proactive mayor," said Ward 1 Alderman Ben Carver during the board's weekend retreat, where officials evaluated their status.
Strategic planning determines where an organization should be going so that all organizational efforts can be pointed in that direction," the adopted document reads while defining a strategic plan as a framework for carrying out strategic thinking, direction and action leading to the achievement of consistent and planned results. The strategy lists what the Board of Aldermen calls "specific, measurable goals" for enhancing the city's operations: City Services, Comprehensive Planning and Land Use, Image, Infrastructure, Municipal Complex and Regional Cooperation. The revised plan reads as follows:

City Services

• A unified procedure will be developed for service requests, distribution (workflow) and follow-up. (PROGRESS MADE)
• The City will establish a positive work/culture attitude. (PROGRESS MADE - CONTINUING)
• An Information Technology (IT) department will be considered as part of the 2011 budget process. (DONE)
• An analysis will be made for the need for an environmental service division. (DONE)
• The Board will discuss the reorganization of the Planning Department into a Community Development Division to better reflect its duties and to focus on current development and future land use/planning. (DONE)
• The City will add a litter control program. *
• The City will work to extend the 311 call program to all carriers. *
• Efforts will be made to update the website and make full use of technology to interact with citizens. *
• The City will emphasize the enforcement of existing laws. *
Comprehensive Planning and Land Use

• A non-ward specific Community Planning Committee with specific skills will be appointed. (DONE)
• The Community Planning Committee will review and analyze the existing plan and will brief the Board of Aldermen with recommendations on timeline and specific elements, which include enacting of specific ordinances and regulations and modification of the existing plan. (IN PROGRESS)
• The Board of Aldermen will go forth and amend the plan with a formalized timeline and process. (IN PROGRESS)
• The Board of Aldermen will adopt an official logo, slogan, seal and flag.
• The Mayor of Starkville will discuss and explore the possibility of a strategic vision statement for the City of Starkville, the Greater Starkville Development Partnership, Mississippi State University and Oktibbeha County with the leaders of those institutions.
• The vision statement will be promoted to the city state and university communities.
• Youth representation will be included in the above goals. *
• Starkville will become known for its Christmas celebration and will become a Christmas destination for visitors. *


• The Board of Aldermen will pass an improved storm water ordinance. (DONE)

• The City will make a determination of services to be provided for the 1998 Annex Area and budget for any service to be provided. (ALMOST COMPLETED)
• The City will establish and operationalize a plan for the revitalization of Highway 182.
• A long-range (10-year) capital improvement plan and budget as well as a maintenance schedule will be developed for all infrastructure. The City Engineer's list of long-range drainage projects will be prioritized and funding possibilities explored.

Municipal Complex

• A municipal complex committee will be formed among the Board of Aldermen. (DONE)
• The Board committee will work in conjunction with a citizen group and a consultant to determine feasibility and recommend a site for the municipal complex. (IN PROGRESS)
• A preliminary concept will be presented for public comments and input.
• The final project will be placed before the public.

Regional Cooperation

• The Mayor of Starkville will host regular monthly meetings with the President of the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors and the President of Mississippi State University. (DONE)
• The Mayor of Starkville will meet quarterly with the mayors of West Point and Columbus. (IN PROGRESS - GOOD START)
• The Mayor and Board of Aldermen will meet quarterly with the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors and Mississippi State University. (DONE)
• The City will investigate and pursue Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) status with the Greater Starkville Development Partnership and Columbus and Lowndes County. An MPO is a federally-funded transportation policy organization for urbanized areas, which are defined as having a population of over 50,000. (IN PROGRESS - WAITING ON CENSUS FIGURES)
• The City will investigate and pursue regional efforts that address issues common to the region. (IN PROGRESS)

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