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How to Cook a Turkey

November 23, 2010

We asked third graders at Starkville Academy to share their favorite recipes for cooking a turkey this Thanksgiving. The recipes are printed
exactly as they are submitted.

“You shoot the turkey. Then you skin it. you take the bones out. Then take it home. Then put seasonings on it. Then cook it. Now you can eat.”
— Michael Winfield

“Go to Walmart and by a turkey. Next you put seasoning on it. Then you put it in the oven at about 235 degrees for about 30 minites and then dig in.”
— James Morgan

“First, kill the turkey. Next wash the turkey. Then skin it. Next, put it in the oven for 30 min. on 40 degrees. Then when it is out of the oven you cut it and then get the fat out Then we all eat it.”
— Paige Merchant

“First, you shoot or buy a turkey. Then you skin it. Then you cut the head off. Then you can cook it or fry it. Then you put it on a plate and share it with your family.”
— Jack Wiggins

“I get a turkey at Walmart. Then you put it in the oven for 50:00 minuts on 300 degrees. Take it out put it on the table enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving!
— Abbie Hunt

“first we go to the store and then we go to my NANA’s and we spend the night there and then we go to Mamaw’s house and we cook it and put salt on it and we put peper on it and put buter on it and the we set the table AND WE EAT!”

“OK. so first my Dad puts it in the frier and lets it sit for a few minuts and then he puts some stuff on it and then some more stuff on it then salt and pepper and then after it sits for a few minuts. And then he takes it out. Yummy!”

“Couk it then put butter on it then pous ppear on it.”

“You go buy a turkey. Take it home and seasoning it. And put it in the oven for 250 degrees. Now you just serve it on table with the rest of your meal. Happy Thanksgiving!”
— Lila Carter

“First you buy it then you put some spice on it then you cook and eat!”
— Josh Edmonds

“On Thanksgiving I plan to eat a turkey. So I get my dad and uncle to go in the woods and kill a turkey. After that - you pluck the feathers. Season it. Then cook it. Set it on the table. Enjoy.”

“you preheat the oven and you sesen the turckey then you cook it and you wate a capl of minitse and then you pull it out of the oven.”

“I think how you cook a turkey is first you time the oven then you preheat it then you cook it then finally you eat it! And I think it would be good if you put peper on it. the end.”

“First, you shoot. Then you pick the feathers off. Then you put it in the oven. Then you turn the knob to 250 degrees. Then you take it out then you Dig in — yum good.”
— Taylor Ray

“You shoot or catch the turkey. Then you put the turkey in the oven and push the on button. Then after that you put the right temperature. And there you go! You have a turkey!”
— Dani Janus

See more recipes from 3rd graders at Starkville Academy in Wednesday's Food & Fun section.

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