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Three-day cleanse kicks off healthier lifestyle

January 21, 2013


That loud thump you heard Tuesday morning was me jumping on yet another bandwagon.

In a world filled with processed foods and mostly convenient drive-thru lanes, it can be hard to always make good choices when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner. While I try and include healthy recipes for this section, I must admit hypocrisy in my own eating habits during lunch breaks and post-rehearsal dinners. In an effort to begin a healthier lifestyle, I have decided to jumpstart my dietary betterment with a detoxification cleanse.

There are one million of these things out there today and — if I am being honest — I chose the one that seemed more delicious and plausible. I have heard of the Master Cleanse where you do nothing but drink spicy lemonade for 10 days and that sounded like the work of the devil. This particular detox regimen was created by physician-turned-talk show host, Dr. Oz.

I like Dr. Oz. He seems like a nice guy with a good attitude who really wants to help people. Also, he is endorsed by Oprah. After nearly 30 years, no matter what your personal attitude is toward the woman herself, it’s hard to bet against Ms. Winfrey.

I would like to point out that I am not doing this cleanse looking for any amount of weight loss. Truth be told, I have gained weight over the last several months — but these pounds were needed and I am now at a healthy weight for body and personality type. I chose to do this cleanse because I have not been good to my body when it comes to my culinary consumptions. This job plus my work at the Starkville Community Theatre leads to many late nights and early mornings of people asking if they can take my order and telling me to pull up to the second window to pay. I am hoping this cleanse will give me the kick-in-the-pants I need to start cooking at home more, because I really do love cooking and hanging out with friends while preparing a nice meal.

I told myself I would get healthier in the new year and — in no surprise to my mother —my habit of personal procrastination has led me to start that trend on Jan. 22. Mom: 1; Matt: 0.

The cleanse consists of four blended drinks throughout the day paired with two vitamin/supplement breaks. Each day starts with a cup of green tea — a selling point for me because I am a sucker for green tea — and ends with a suggested detox bath of epsom salts and lavender oil which sounds nice.

Who knows, maybe this whole thing is a joke and I will not feel any different by Friday morning, but at least I am trying and taking steps toward a healthier me.

For more information about this cleanse, visit

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