Celebrity stylist and Starkville native, Sarah Neely

Sarah Neely is a celebrity stylist and fashion blogger from Starkville who plans to
showcase a local high-fashion event in 2019. (Submitted photo)

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Sarah Neely is a Starkville native who used her drive for fashion to begin a successful career as a fashion blogger, celebrity stylist and owner of aspirational lifestyle brand Naked Truth.

Neely has earned an associates degree in business and has been a fashion blogger for four years now.

"Basically it's my personal style and I just talk about things going on in my life and give a few style tips here and there," she said.

She has been featured in many magazines for the models that she's styled.

Neely has styled celebrities such as child actress and model Ava Clarke, who has been featured in Essence and made appearances with Beyonce.

Neely has also styled Dawn Richard, singer and songwriter from the group Danity Kane.

"The best feeling about being a fashion stylist is the results you get from making a person feel good about themselves afterwards," she said.

Neely has always had a love for fashion and expressed herself through her unique style.

She reminisced on how she started in the industry.

"I styled my sister for an event and I noticed how much I really loved it and then I reached out to someone I didn't know and styled them for an event as well," she said.

Her style caught the eyes of others and she began her platform as a fashion blogger.

She used an app called Polyvore to create collages of outfits that she thought were cool styled together.

"That's when I really showcased some of the things that I can do," she said.

When clients consult with her, she puts together outfits they dream of wearing but wouldn't step outside their box to do so.

"Usually people are so comfortable in their usual routine of getting ready everyday that most are not willing to step outside of their comfort zone or outside their box," Neely said.

"So they limit themselves," she added.

The excitement she delivers to them is the best feeling for her.

She describes her style in one word - eclectic.

"It's very eclectic. No matter what I don't have a particular style that I'm into and I'm not a trendy type of person, so whatever I feel in the mood for that day I'll put it on," Neely said.

Or she styles outfits according to her hairstyle at the time.

However, Neely is the mother of a nine-year-old daughter who is a bit unlike her mother.

"She's the total opposite of me," Neely laughed and said.

She described her daughter's style as "tomboyish" because she prefers T-shirts, gym shorts, and baggy joggers in contrast to Neely who may dress similarly, but add a feminine touch.

"She doesn't like hairbows, she doesn't like earrings, she likes gold chains and stuff anything - anything that's big that draws attention to her look she loves that type of thing," Neely said.

Neely didn't settle for being a fashion blogger and achieving the title as a celebrity stylist, she wanted to create an aspirational retail brand with a name that would sell.

"I would prefer to sell a brand than just to sell retail clothing, because if the brand sold then the clothes would sell itself," she said.

Peers didn't think that anyone would catch on to the name Naked Truth, but Neely didn't second guess herself.

"It's something that we all can relate to. Everyone has their own truth inside of them that they do not speak on, it's their nakedness," Neely said.

Her plan is to influence individuals to be their true being without feeling apologetic.

She wants them to speak through fashion so she came up with the controversial name, Naked Truth.

Naked Truth is geared toward young women and their pets.

"Pets provide an unconditional love to women," Neely said.

She explained that some women were not raised with that love by the absence of one parent.

"Pets tend to give women that type of love," she said.

Neely believes that it's okay for women to not have children and love their pets as their own child, and do activities with them.

"I get so emotional when I talk about it because this name is so important to me, I've been working on this brand for four years and I'm finally actually putting it out there," she said.

She wants to bring women together and showcase the creativity of individuals in Mississippi and make one big event happen with her high-fashion event, the Naked Truth Fashion Show.

The event will be held April 18, 2019 at the James M. Trotter Convention Center in Columbus.

Neely is dedicated to bringing Victoria Secret Fashion Show vibes to Mississippi with fun, excitement and fashion.

"This show is going to feature five things. It's going to be vintage, pets because pets are also a part of the Naked Truth brand as well, an all-white theme, all black theme and then we're going to have a mixed print theme," she said.

The Naked Truth fashion show will have a performing artist, live DJ, a socialite host and vendors.

"I want this experience and I want this show to really show the world what Naked Truth is so people can get a true understanding," Neely said.

According to Neely, Naked Truth's clothing will be for women who are torn, insecure, hurt, battered and abused, independent, overachiever, depressed, lonely and misunderstood.

"We all have something that we are facing or struggling with, and this is for us," she said.

To purchase tickets and learn more about the brand, visit www.nakedtruthlife.com