New equipment coming soon to Moncrief Dog Park

Staff Writer

Moncrief Park is a place where dog owners can take their furry friends to play, but dogs will soon have more fun with the new equipment coming soon to the dog park.

"We've ordered some new equipment so that there's some additional features out there. Right now it's a dog park but there's not really much for the dogs to actually do," Starkville Parks and Recreation Executive Director Gerry Logan said.

Logan realizes that the community is welcoming of pet owners and hopes that the parks reflect that.

"We've had the dog park for a while but we hope that the new features will increase engagement and get the dogs and their owners some more opportunity to enjoy the park," Logan said.

Starkville Parks & Recreation’s goal in supplying the equipment to the park is to make it more interactive for the dogs and their owners.

The features will be a ramp structure, triple jumping hoop, poles that owners can use for an obstacle course, and a station at the entrance to hold dog's personal items such as leashes.

"I attended the NRPA (National Recreation and Park Association) conference a little over a month ago and the company that we are buying from, they were there and since we were at the conference we had access to a special promotion," he said.

The department bought around $2,000 worth of equipment.

"They threw in an additional $1,000 in free equipment," he said.

A dog lover himself, Logan said saving money and getting more features for the dogs was a great opportunity.

It currently offers a fenced area for small and large dogs, trees for shade, fresh drinking water and a place for owners to sit and enjoy their dogs at play.

"We have a dog park and we want to continue to make as many improvements as we can," Logan said.