Starkville man faces sodomy charges in Alabama

Faith Lifer
Staff Writer

A Starkville man faces two sodomy charges in Pickens County, Alabama.

Adam Wayne Naramore, 40, was arrested by Pickens County law enforcement for two counts of sodomy in the first degree on Oct. 4.

Naramore is a registered sex offender in Mississippi, who lives on Louisville Street in Starkville. Pickens County Sheriff David Abston said the alleged victim is a teenage female of Pickens County. Abston said Naramore used the mobile app Whisper to contact her.

“He talked about meeting her in an undisclosed location in Pickens, where he then assaulted her, sodomized her and beat her,” Abston said.

Whisper is advertised as an app where people can anonymously “share,” “express,” and “meet” to express themselves “openly and honestly.”

After Naramore’s alleged crime, Abston said the victim contacted Pickens County law enforcement. Abston said the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office, the 24th Judicial District Attorney’s Office and the United States Marshals Service used Whisper to lure Naramore back to the scene of the alleged crime.

“She contacted law enforcement, and they lured him back to the same place the crime occurred, where he was then arrested,” Abston said. “He thought he was meeting her.”

Naramore owns a 2002 yellow Mitsubishi with a Mississippi tag, which Abston said Naramore used to meet the alleged victim. Abston said he suspects Naramore has additional victims of similar crimes.

“He’s 40 years old, he’s got a history of it and he’s using social media,” Abston said. “He’s covering a wide area, so I suspect there are some more victims out there.”

Abston also expressed concern over Naramore’s alleged behavior and interests.

“He’s into control and bondage,” Abston said.

The Mississippi Sex Offender Registry states Naramore has 25 counts of child exploitation in Greene County, Mississippi from May 2003.

“If you’ve been a victim of this man in Pickens, contact us,” Abston said. “If it’s happened to you somewhere else, call your local law enforcement.”

In a video on Facebook, Abston urged parents to monitor their children’s social media use.

“Parents, know what your teenage children are looking at,” Abston said. “(Users) may be trying to victimize your children.”

Naramore currently remains in the custody of the Pickens County Jail with his bond set to $200,000. Pickens County Circuit Court Specialist 3 Suzanne Goodson said any future court dates for Naramore are currently unclear.