Price starts second MSU season in radio booth

Neil Price

Staff Writer

Saturday may have been the first game of the first season for Joe Moorhead as the coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs, but it was the start of the second year for radio play-by-play announcer Neil Price.

Price arrived in Starkville last year when preseason camp started and admitted he had “to play a little bit of catch up,” when it came to learning about the Bulldogs and what made them tick so he could have a quality broadcast on game day.

He felt the first season behind the microphone went well, but knows it’s not his opinion that counts.

“What I think about it doesn’t really matter,” Price said last week prior to the season opener against Stephen F. Austin. “What the fans think about it is what matters and if they are happy, I’m happy.

“I don’t think we’re going to tweak a ton of things this year. From the preparation standpoint and getting ready, it’s felt much more routine this time around. I’ve had plenty of time understanding what I need to do, hopefully correct mistakes and move forward so I feel good about it. I’m glad to finally be working in a week again and we’re not in summer mode anymore.”

Price goes into this season working with a new head coach as Moorhead has taken over for Dan Mullen.

The transition of head coaches has gone well and Price has already enjoyed being around Moorhead.

“Coach Moorhead is incredibly nice, incredibly honest and forthright,” Price said. “He’s made my job easy. It’s nice to occasionally run into him around town or the office. He stops to say hi, so we’re going to get along fine and I think he’s going to do a great job.”

Moorhead hasn't had much time to get to know Price personally, but the interaction so far has been good for the MSU head coach.

In the short time they have known each other, Moorhead has already developed a good professional relationship with Price.

"He a consummate professional and very well prepared," Moorhead said. "He has a great way about him in terms of asking questions and keeping the audience engaged. You can see why he's been so successful in what he does."

After finishing with a 9-4 record, including a TaxSlayer Bowl victory over Louisville, in 2017, the Bulldogs began this season with a 63-6 victory over Stephen F. Austin last Saturday, so there is anticipation for another great season at State.

Price is one of those who shares that optimism as long as injuries and other circumstances cause the train to run off the tracks.

“You’ve got to have a little bit of luck in this thing too in keeping people healthy and everything else, but on paper, this should be an exciting year and I certainly hope it plays out that way,” Price said.