Water leak causes fountain on Lampkin Street

Starkville Utilities crew members work to repair a water leak on Lampkin Street Wednesday morning. (Photo by Ryan Phillips, SDN)

Staff Writer

A routine water leak repair on Lampkin Street caused a scene Wednesday morning.

Starkville Utilities General Manager Terry Kemp said the fountain of water was caused by a leak in a six-inch line.

"Our crew was there doing the repair," Kemp said. "Generally these types of leaks go downward, but this one in particular, as we started uncovering it, we found the leak was on the top of the pipe which provided a more visual effect as the water was coming through it."

Kemp said the type of leak was not unusual, but they usually leak to the side or downward.

The repair was completed Wednesday morning, Kemp said, and the leak caused minimal impact to surrounding customers.

"There was no loss of pressure or things like that," Kemp said.

He said it was a known water leak and it was in Starkville Utilities' system.

"We were just out doing our normal repair work," Kemp said.