Opposing viewpoint: French Camp

Staff Writer

Coach Nathan Wright was pleasantly surprised with the start of his French Camp Academy Panthers.

The Panthers went on the road last Friday and won an easy 45-18 decision over Winona Christian.

Even though pleased to get the victory, Wright is always careful not to be too optimistic after one game.

"We usually start the year not expecting to start real strong and trying to get everyone on the same page," Wright said. "For us to start that way always gives you mixed emotions. People say 'wait a minute, that's not the process we usually use.' We usually struggle early and get better as we go, but to start strong is encouraging. We at least know we can do some things well. It was very encouraging for team spirit and those kind of things."

French Camp quarterback Holman Edwards started strong with three passing touchdowns and two more on the ground, but Wright was happy with the production throughout the team.

The competition steps up a notch for the Panthers as they travel for the second-straight week and this time the opponent is a defending state champion in the Starkville Academy Volunteers.

Starkville Academy coach Chase Nicholson is always amazed with how Wright manages his personnel and achieves success.

"What he does year in and year out is quite impressive, to be honest, because he doesn't know what he's going to have," Nicholson said. "We're lucky to play them early in the season because he really gets them going toward the end."

The sixth meeting between the two schools will take place Friday from J.E. Logan Field at 7 p.m.