Multi-agency operation leads to dozens of arrests

SDN Staff
Staff Writer

Multiple law enforcement agencies participated in an operation earlier this month aimed at lowering criminal activity in Oktibbeha County.

Oktibbeha County Sheriff’s deputies, the Starkville Police Department and the U.S. Marshal Task Force conducted daytime operations that focused on serving outstanding warrants and indictments, while focusing on high crime areas at night on Aug. 2 and Aug. 3, according to a press release from SPD.

Those involved in the operation took part in foot patrols, traffic stops, and checkpoints as crime reduction tools.

The operation also served as a valuable training tool, with veteran officers leading training sessions for new officers.

SPD provided the following totals for the 48-hour operation: 

  • 47 Individuals were arrested
  • 60 warrants were cleared with those arrests
  • Approximately 62 traffic citations were written

 Indictment Round-Up: 12 arrests

· Statutory Rape
· Sale of Cocaine
· Possession of Meth
· Aggravated Assault 
· Burglary
· Sale of Counterfeit 
· Trafficking stolen firearms
· Sale of Meth x2
· Armed Robbery

Starkville Police Department: 17 arrests

· Probation violation
· Contempt of court
· Disturbance of the peace x2
· Speeding
· Disorderly conduct x3
· DUI x3
· Trespassing
· Failure to yield (warrant)
· No drivers license (warrant) x2
· Speeding (warrant)

Oktibbeha County Sheriff’s Department: 18 arrests

· Possession of Cocaine
· Armed Robbery
· Possession of Weapon by Felon x2
· DUI x2
· Simple Assault
· DUI 2nd
· Possession of Marijuana in motor vehicle
· Aggravated Assault x2
· Burglary
· Possession of Controlled Substance
· Animal Cruelty
· Possession of Cocaine with intent to distribute
· Trespassing x2