Scam letters posing as county tax collector

Staff Writer

Several Oktibbeha County residents have received scam letters in the mail posing to be from the Oktibbeha County Tax Assessor/Collector.

Oktibbeha County Tax Collector Allen Morgan said he received the first call complaint last week.

Morgan said official letters will have his name, the State of Mississippi Seal and "Oktibbeha County Tax Collector" on the letter and envelope.

The scam letters appear to mix Oktibbeha County and Mississippi taxes, and they include a seal that is illegible and arrive in a tri-fold envelope.

Morgan said the Oktibbeha County Tax Assessor/Collector will never ask for payments or bank account information over the phone, but most of their correspondence is done through letters.

"If we send you a bill, we're going to describe the property," Morgan said. "It will show real property and have a PIN number and parcel number on it, and it will show the amount of money that you owe."

Payments can also be made online.

Morgan said if anyone has any questions about whether or not a call or letter is legitimate, call the office at (662) 323-1273 or visit their office for verification.

"If anyone has any questions call me or talk to one of my deputies and we can look it up on the computer," Morgan said. "Everything is online anyway, so we'd be glad to verify. Don't take a chance — call us and verify because we don't want anyone to get scammed."