Woman pleads guilty to attacking coworker with box cutter

Ryan Phillips
SDN Editor

There will be no jail time for a Starkville woman accused of cutting a work supervisor on the face with a box cutter last November.

On Tuesday, 47-year-old Brenda Poe pleaded guilty to the charge of mayhem in Oktibbeha County Circuit Court.

The Starkville Daily News previously reported that on Nov. 10, 2017, Poe attempted to get the phone from the victim, Keith Livingston, who was her supervisor at the Family Dollar store on North Jackson Street.

With the box cutter in her hand, Poe then proceeded to hold it open and cut the victim on the right side of his face.

Assistant District Attorney Marc Amos said during Poe’s hearing that the blade of the specific type of box cutter could only be exposed if the person holding it activated the blade. Livingston was treated for injuries and released shortly thereafter.

Poe was initially charged with aggravated assault, but the charge was reduced to mayhem once it made it to the higher court and she entered a plea bargain.

Circuit Judge Lee Howard then suspended a five-year prison sentence  Poe, who will be on probation for that time.

She is ordered to pay restitution to OCH Regional Medical Center  behalf of Livingston in the amount of $3,032.75, to cover the cost of his medical treatment. Beginning on Aug. 1, Poe must pay $100 each month toward the restitution.

She will also have to pay a fine in the amount of $500 along with court costs.


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