City begins installing bollard sleeves

A diagram provided by the city showing where bollard sleeves will be installed in the downtown area of Starkville (submitted photo)

Ryan Phillips
SDN Editor

The city of Starkville will commence work on a concept aimed at boosting safety for the city’s many events.

Beginning this week, the city’s sub-contractor will beginning installing bollard sleeves, which will likely run through the end of the week, according to city engineer Edward Kemp. Bollards are small poles designed to temporarily block off streets to prevent motor vehicles from driving onto the street.

The installation project will involve working in the roadways and could require temporary closures and detours.

The work will take place in both downtown and the city’s Midtown area.

The downtown area will see 70 new bollard sleeves installed, while Midtown will see 34.

The Starkville Board of Aldermen approved the new bollard plan last year, with the goal of installing the safety devices in three areas of the city: Main Street/downtown, Midtown and The Cotton District.

The Starkville Daily News previously reported the project would include roughly 213 sleeves and locations in the ground, with each street marked taking about three bollards to block it off. The original estimated price tag for the project totaled around $62,000, with the prices coming in at $200 per bollard and $250 per sleeve.

Starkville Mayor Lynn Spruill has been an outspoken supporter of boosting safety for the city’s events and said the city will have them installed in time for Bulldog Bash.

“I’m always delighted to see when some of the things we are doing start coming to fruition,” she said. “I think it’s great and another step in the progress we have been trying to make.”

Ward 4 Alderman Jason Walker has also been at the forefront of the discussion for the bollards and echoed Mayor Spruill saying the hope was to have the project finished by this fall.

“I’m certainly excited about moving on to the final phase for downtown and midtown,” he said. “I think it will give us a lot more flexibility with our events and make that a safer place for events to occur.”

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