Summer Scholars presents 'Multiverse Mayhem'

The cast of “Multiverse Mayhem” rehearse together Wednesday morning. (Photo by Mary Rumore, SDN)

Staff Writer

The campers of Mississippi State University’s Summer Scholars Production Camp will present “Multiverse Mayhem” at 7 p.m. July 13 and 1 p.m. July 14, both at McComas Hall.

Both performances are free, and a reception will follow the July 13 performance.

Director Joe Ray Underwood said 66 campers took part in the two-week camp.

“Activities during the first week consisted of tryouts for the parts in the production, blocking and initial rehearsals,” Underwood said. “Week two is vigorous with full rehearsals, dress rehearsals and the final production.”

Underwood said students in the camp learned about every aspect of production, including set and costume design.

Camper Daniel Nicholson, a Starkville High School senior, said this is his fourth year to participate in the camp. He is acting, singing and dancing in “Multiverse Mayhem.”

“Even though we’re performing, singing and dancing, we learn about every aspect of putting on a show,” Nicholson said.

Second-time camper Sicily Brocato, and tenthgrader at Starkville High School, said she is also singing, dancing and acting in the performance. She said she attended the Writing Camp and helped write the play and original music to accompany it.

Brocato said “Multiverse Mayhem” takes place on Friday the 13th, when a tear in the universe occurs allowing people to travel between universes. The League of Extraordinary Grandmas tries to repair the tear, and in doing so they pull the universe too tight and create more tears.

“It’s a science fiction drama comedy,” Nicholson said. “We tried to make it light, and even the more serious moment stay light hearted.”

Nicholson said he always learns something new during the camp, usually about characterization.

“With a show as big as this, there aren’t a lot of large parts, but I can take parts and give them a story and make them real people,” Nicholson said. “It helps me better portray the character and get into the show more.”

Brocato said, while she always learns a lot about herself and theatre during camp, the time she gets to spend with campers is her favorite part of the experience.

“Theatre, in my life, is one of the only things that gives me pure joy,” Brocato said. “Being here, with the best friends and family I could possibly ask for has to be the best part.”

Nicholson said he is thankful for the friendships he’s made during camp, and he wants to come back after high school and help as a counselor.

“When I think back on the previous years I have been here, of course I think about the show and what I did, but the thing that sticks with me the most are the people I met and and the friends I made and all the memories of the fun times we had making the show and outside of the show,” Nicholson said.