Asian Market expanding into restaurant

Asian Market on Highway 12 has expanded to Asian Foods Market Restaurant and will include a restaurant that will open in August. (Photo by Mary Rumore, SDN)

Staff Writer

The Asian Market on Highway 12 is changing to Asian Foods Market Restaurant and will include a new eatery.

Asian Foods Market Restaurant is located at 210 Highway 12 across the highway from Pizza Hut.

Manager Kevin Yang said the food market is expanding to include a restaurant that will offer customers an authentic Asian dining experience.

“We expanded the grocery side. It’s now triple the size,” Yang said. “You can come in through the market side and then there’s a door that leads you to the restaurant side.”

Yang said customers can either bring in food to be cooked or order off the menu.

“For example, if the customer would like, they can pick a lobster, and we can cook it,” Yang said. “Then they could sit down and eat it or take itto go. It’s like an authentic Asian restaurant.”

Yang said Asian Foods Market Restaurant will offer a full menu of Asian cuisine including pho noodles, sesame chicken, grilled lobsters, fried rice and noodles.

“We will also have a fresh fish that’s baked almost to where it’s almost ready to eat, then we pour oil over it to cook it the rest of the way, and it adds a crispy outside to it,” Yang said.

The restaurant portion of the business is expected to be open in mid-to-late August.

The expansion has already created four new jobs, Yang said, but it is still in the expansion phase.

He said the business is still planning to hire three or four more employees in the restaurant side and other part-time employees in the grocery side.