Aldermen set to interview Parks director candidates today


Staff Writer

The Starkville Board of Aldermen will interview and consider four different candidates for the vacant Parks and Recreation director position at today’s recess meeting.

The candidates to be considered are Reginald Burton Jr., Gerry Logan, Edward Smith and Digby Whyte.

The position oversees the Department of Parks and Recreation, promoting Starkville’s sports tourism while increasing economic activity in the city.

Candidate Gerry Logan currently serves as interim director of the department.

The position has been vacant since Jan. 2, when previous Parks and Recreation Director Herman Peters was fired. Peters was arrested on Jan. 18 for conspiracy to commit embezzlement of nearly $22,000 with four other members of the Parks and Recreation Department.

At today’s recess meeting, the Board will also consider the re-appointment of Cyndi Sullivan and Michael Fazio to the Historic Preservation Committee. If re-appointed, Sullivan and Fazio will start a three-year term on July 11.

The Board’s recess meeting is set to take place at City Hall at 3 p.m.