Mugshots Grill and Bar set to open Monday

Rig 41 Lounge, Mugshots' bar area, features custom cowbell light fixtures and Rig 41 from Left Field Lounge. (Photo by Mary Rumore, SDN)
Staff Writer

Mugshots Grill and Bar's new location in the 550 Russell development will open its doors on Monday.

Mugshots' downtown location closed on June 16.

"That building is over 100 years old, and we spend a lot of money on maintenance each year," Mugshots co-owner Trey Gamble said.

Gamble said the one-story floor plan of the new building will make it much more efficient for the restaurant to function.

"We're also expecting a lot of influx in this area, because on game days, this is where everybody parks," Gamble said. "There's the two hotels, the back of the Cotton District and everyone lives in this area. We're really anticipating, from a business standpoint, to do more here. This is a very nice location."

Gamble said the restaurant can seat 160 people inside and 50 people outside. He said the main dining area will have tables to accommodate small and large parties.

The bar area, Rig 41 Lounge, was inspired by the Left Field Lounge and Dudy Noble Field, Gamble said.

"We've got some personalized truck bed booths, and we've also got the actual Rig 41 from Left Field Lounge on the wall," he said. "We're trying to create and play off of Left Field Lounge and the memories of Left Field Lounge."

The eatery will also feature 27 HD televisions, and curbside pick-up with parking spots directly behind the restaurant.

Gamble said the new location offers plenty of parking, with The Mill parking lot and parking garage open to Mugshots customers.

Along with the new location, Gamble said Mugshots is now also serving fresh, never frozen hamburger patties.

Currently, Gamble said Mugshots employs 40 people, but at least 20 more will be hired. He said the restaurant is currently hiring.

The 550 Russell development will also be home to condominiums, Gondolier Italian Restaurant and Pizza and a commercial space that has yet to be leased.