Swing Elite increases production in title run

Starkville Swing Elite
Staff Writer

Each game of bracket play at the Grand Slam State Tournament became more and more impressive for the Starkville Swing Elite 8-under team on the way to a state championship.

Swing Elite increased their run production as they progressed through the bracket.

After defeating Cleveland Gators 9-6, Starkville overcame Reservoir Heat 10-3 and overwhelmed Grenada Bombers 13-3 in the championship outing.

"We saved our best game of the year for the last game of the year," Swing Elite coach Trey Schilling said. "We needed it (Sunday). We played great defense and hit the ball well."

The members of Swing Elite are Thomas Graves, Jack Northcutt, J Wamble, Will Dalton, Jack Pounds, Rhett Schilling, Lennox Gipson, Ethan Fisher, Payne Brand, Rollins Burkhalter, Harrison Hallberg and Trenton Hochstetler.

Coach Schilling said it was good to keep the players out of the sun and in the air conditioning as much as possible to keep them fresh. He felt that made a difference in their performance.

"They've played well all year in the brackets and in all of these elimination games, we played really well," coach Schilling said. "There was not a lot of motivation from me in this last game because it's the state championship."