Starkville receives street piano

Wyly Bigger sings and plays downtown Starkville’s new street piano while David Sides and Victoria Hearn look on. (Photo by Mary Rumore, SDN)
Staff Writer

Starkville received its first street piano downtown for musicians and passersby alike to enjoy.

Mayor Lynn Spruill said the piano is located in front of Starkville Community Theatre between Moe’s Original BBQ and 929 Coffee Bar on Main Street.

Spruill said for the time being, the piano will remain in that location, and it can be moved inside Starkville Community Theatre during inclement weather.

“That’s a collection place between 929 and Moe’s as well, so we will see if people are interested in playing,” Spruill said.

The piano was donated to the city by Jim McKell.

McKell said he was storing the piano in his home from his late sister and was looking to get rid of it when he heard Spruill was looking for a piano for residents to use downtown.

“Mayor Spruill was interested in having a piano that they could move into the street for people to play it for entertainment, so it worked out that I had one,” McKell said.

Spruill said while the piano needs some minor repairs, it is ready to play right now.

“The top of the keys have lost some of their ivory, so we need a little bit of glue work to put the ivory back on top,” Spruill said. “It’s in pretty good tune, so if someone wants to go down there right now and play it they can.”

Spruill said she is looking for someone in the community to volunteer to paint the piano.

“I’m wanting to get it painted in pretty colors by someone who is talented in that manner, and see if we can’t get people to enjoy making music downtown,” Spruill said.

Anyone interested in volunteering to paint the piano can contact Spruill at City Hall at (662) 323-4583.