1883 Smokehouse coming to Starkville

1883 Smokehouse, a new family-friendly barbecue eatery, is set to open in the old Penn's Fish House location on Avenue of the Patriots. (Photo by Mary Rumore, SDN)
Staff Writer

A new family-friendly barbecue restaurant, 1883 Smokehouse, will open its doors in Starkville this summer.

1883 Smokehouse, co-owned by the owner of Sturgis Smokehouse in Sturgis, will be open in four to six weeks in the previous Penn's Fish House location on the corner of Highway 12 and Avenue of the Patriots.

Owner Mark Welch said 1883 Smokehouse's menu will be similar to Sturgis Smokehouse's menu, but there will be some changes.

"It's basically the same, but it’s a casual steakhouse at night, and it's going to have the largest salad bar in Starkville," Welch said. "It's going to be six feet long. We're really hitting on pork chops, ribeye steak sandwiches, filets and catfish at night."

Welch said the new restaurant will feature a blue plate lunch special aimed at workers, college students and families.

"It's really going to be geared toward a family atmosphere," he said. "We're going to do homemade lemonade, limeade and root beer. It's family all the way."

Welch said Sturgis Smokehouse, which has been open a little over one year, will remain open once 1883 Smokehouse opens in Starkville.

"We wanted to do the one in Sturgis to test all the menu items out, but basically we want to open up a bigger location," he said.

Welch said Sturgis Smokehouse has a large customer base that drives to Sturgis from Starkville, and he wanted to open a restaurant where a higher volume of people are.

"The 1883 is the homage to Sturgis," Welch said "That's the year Sturgis was developed. So we're basically tying it back into Sturgis with the 1883 where we got started."