Report: Four MSU students accused of burglary at University of Alabama

Top, L-R, Joshua Jordan, 21, of Starkville and John Thomas Badley, 20, of Laurel. Bottom, L-R, Samuel Tanner Fittes, 21, of Columbus; and Joel Harper Hudnall, 20, of Madison.

Four Mississippi State University students stand accused of breaking into the Mal Moore Athletic Facility at the University of Alabama and stealing memorabilia last week.

The Tuscaloosa News first reported that the four men were arrested after being seen on surveillance camera video breaking into the athletic complex on April 4 at 2:17 a.m.

The newspaper reported that items stolen included "various items of memorabilia from within."

The four suspects were reportedly arrested on a felony third-degree burglary charge Monday and released the same day on $7,500 bond.

The Tuscaloosa News cited court documents saying that all four men are students at Mississippi State University. The students arrested include: Samuel Tanner Fittes, 21, of Columbus; John Thomas Badley, 20, of Laurel,; Joel Harper Hudnall, 20, of Madison, Mississippi; and Joshua Jordan, 21, of Starkville.

MSU Chief Communications Officer Sid Salter issued a statement Wednesday afternoon saying the university does not condone this activity.

"Mississippi State is cooperating with authorities in this investigation," Salter said. "The young men will have to bear responsibility for their actions, whatever they were. The legal process will play out. MSU doesn't have a role in the legal process, but will monitor that process."