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Christian roots stronger than D.C.

December 6, 2012


The election is over and people are sick and tired of talking politics. We’ve enjoyed the season of thanksgiving and we’re now hurrying through the season of giving. After all the hullabaloo of years of political campaigning, we’ve changed nothing in Washington, so let’s just get on with our lives.

Most of us will do just that and will see few changes in our daily circumstances. The fiscal mess in Washington will continue to deteriorate, politicians and pundits will circle up and point fingers in every direction, and the vast majority of us won’t give a flip who’s to blame as long as it doesn?t affect our families, jobs, paychecks, or cost of living expenses.

America has changed. We’re no longer living under the Constitution. Washington has enacted so many laws that we’re now living under policies, programs and bureaucracies created to grow and perpetuate power in DC. The ruling class in Washington has no incentive much less intent to change the way things are. Until they grow government so big that it collapses in on itself, all sides will keep on doing business as usual.

The idea that is America was founded on freedom, primarily freedom of religion. Though I doubt it’s still being taught in our children’s curricula today, many of us remember learning about colonists fleeing religiously oppressive Europe to come to the New World where they could worship as they pleased.

For better or for worse colonists were primarily Christians who while bringing the light of Christianity to the New World also perpetrated inhuman acts on native inhabitants. All Christians are after all human and subject to the same frailties as all other humans.

Nevertheless America was founded on Christian principles. Progressive historians can rewrite our national textbooks leaving out this heritage, but they can’t change who we are as a people. Big government can methodically try to separate us from our Christian roots and secularize our culture, but some of us still value our freedom to exercise our Christian faith in spite of governmental prohibitions.

The Constitution protects us from prohibitions, but big government has time and time again overridden the Constitution, and the progressive notion of political correctness is so pervasive in our schools and media that an individual’s faith in Christ is seen as erroneous as belief in a flat earth.

We can change things. Christians can change things one person at a time. That’s the way it’s always been done?one person at a time. This is the Christmas season, and we should begin the season by openly recognizing God for His most precious gift to all of mankind. I believe God is bigger than government. I believe God is bigger and more powerful than anyone has ever imagined. Our imaginations are so very limited especially in this scientific age.

If those of us who have truly believed in Christ will humble ourselves before Him, then He will make changes in us and through us affecting our closest family members, friends and neighbors, and ultimately the world.

Washington and the rest of the world will keep on doing business as usual, but we can live above that if we return to our Christian heritage and roots.

Daniel L. Gardner is a syndicated columnist who lives in Starkville. Contact him at

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