Supes approve RFP for new waste management services

Oktibbeha County Courthouse
Staff Writer

The Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors passed a request for proposals (RFP) to advertise for a new waste management service to operate in the county.

Board President Orlando Trainer said he and the board have become "dissatisfied" with the current relationship and services with Golden Triangle Waste Services.

The board unanimously passed the RFP.

"Why are we not holding them to their contractual requirements to begin with," District 4 Supervisor Bricklee Miller said during their meeting on Monday.

In the contract with Golden Triangle Waste Services, it says the organization is responsible for delivering and retrieving trash receptacles.

Miller said one of the main complaints from the board is the Golden Triangle Waste Services said they do not have the time or manpower to replace and deliver the reciprocals even though it states it's their obligation in the contract.

"Part of the problem with having to replace the trash cans, comes with the way Golden Triangle Waste handles the trash cans," Miller said. "That's become a big issue."

Miller said many complaints from the community come from the mishandling of the receptacles and then the disposal of cans without notifying residents. Hearing complaints from residents, Miller said the county decided to replace the cans themselves, but there wouldn't be any available.

"It just seems to be a reoccurring issue," Miller said."We shouldn't have to keep going back and asking for things over and over again that are included in the contract."

After passing the RFP, Miller said it is possible Golden Triangle Waste Services will understand the severity of the issue and look at making the necessary changes. However, Miller said it is worthwhile to look into other services, which could have the potential to be a better financial decision for the county.

"I think that it would be to our advantage to actually get some bids from some other companies to come in and service us," Miller said. "What we can do is get quotes and see if we are interested in these other companies and come back at the first of the year and have this discussion then."

The county legally has to give a 90-day notice.

There is no debt associated with this contract.