Planning and Zoning OKs new residential development

From left: Ward 2 Commissioner Jim McReynolds, Ward 6 Commissioner Jeremiah Dumas and  Ward 7 Commissioner Tommy Verdell discuss the plat approval for a new residential development at the Planning and Zoning Commission’s special call meeting on Wednesday. (Photo by Logan Kirkland, SDN)
Staff Writer

The Starkville Planning and Zoning Commission approved to accept the final plat for a new residential development on a 10.95-acre parcel at the east end of Turnberry Lane and Cypress Point Road.

The commission unanimously approved the final plat during a special call meeting on Wednesday.

The request was made by Pritchard Engineering on behalf of Frank Jones Development for the final plat approval for subdividing the area into 16 lots, which will be for single-family houses.

Prior to the commission passing the motion, City Attorney Chris Latimer asked the commission to change the proposed amendment to include the city’s storm water request, which would help avoid ambiguity in the future.

“The city attorney is just very concerned that we highlight the fact that the storm water drainage easement is going to be the responsibility of the developers and the homeowners,” Commission Chairman Michael Brooks said.

Brooks said the commission called for a special meeting to pass the final plat approval to allow the Starkville Board of Aldermen to consider the plat at its next meeting.

Due to weather delays and timing, it would have been pushed to the week of Thanksgiving if this meeting wasn’t called.

“There was some urgency of getting this done now so it could go in front of the board next week,” Brooks said. “We want development in town.”