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Vaughan’s Vocabulary

November 18, 2012


Arey Wilson, who will be majoring in music at Mississippi State University, and I sang a duet. She played the guitar and my wife Sharon played the piano. We performed "Do You Know My Jesus," composed by W.F. Lakey and V.B. Ellis. I shared with Arey and Sharon that the song reminds me of the “Saturday night singings” that my father, mother, brother and I attended at churches in Oktibbeha County. That song was often featured.

Much like Ed Sullivan, “Mr. Jake” introduced each song and singer, and rewarded the kids with a stick of chewing gum, but advised not to chew it until after we had sung. At various times of my life, a former deputy sheriff that we affectionately called “Mr. Dot” recalled when my father placed me atop the piano stool, while mother played a song for me to sing. I had the tendency of trying to put mine off for as long as I could. I thought that by stepping outside the sanctuary they might forget to call on me, but Daddy or someone would always come get me.

Nine o’clock was typically the time we concluded with Mr. Dot requesting everyone to sing “Wings of a Dove.” I describe these singings from my childhood as a microcosm of Heaven.  

1. abide (uh-BIDE)
A. to wait for, to endure
B. to accept without objection
C. to continue in a place
D. tolerate

The composers included the verb abide that Christ used a number of times. Part of the refrain is “Have you heard He loves you, and that He will abide till the end.” All four answers apply to abide.

2. refrain (re-FRAIN)
A. a recurring phrase or verse at the end of each stanza
B. to cite
C. to free
D. to publish

3. naught (NAUGHT)
A. the arithmetical symbol 0
B. something made of or based on two things
C. lacking in taste or propriety
D. All of the above

No. 2, refrain, is A. Lakey and Ellis write, “Who hears your call for comfort when naught [nothing] but sorrow you feel?”  Aside from A, naught means nonexistence or nothingness.

4. microcosm (MY-kra-kah-zum)
A. a community or other unity that is an epitome of a larger unity
B. glimpse
C. another world
D. divertissement (di-VUR-tas-mant)

Last week’s mystery word is manifold.

This week’s mystery word to solve is a noun. Its first syllable is the same first syllable in the name of a county seat in one of Mississippi’s 82 counties.      

Don R. Vaughan, Ph.D. in Mass Communication, is a professor at East Miss. Community College. Contact him at

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