Mugshots moving from downtown location

Mugshots has revealed it will move from its downtown location to a new location on Russell Street in the spring of 2018 (Photo by Logan Kirkland, SDN)
Staff Writer

A prominent downtown eatery will soon be moving to Russell Street.

Mugshots Grill & Bar, located on Main Street, will be moving to 550 Russell Street in March 2018.

Mugshots franchise co-owner Tray Gamble said when the restaurant first came to Starkville, the idea of moving locations is one they have always been thinking about.

“We’ve been kind of talking about it for just about as long as we’ve had the store,” Gamble said. “We just couldn’t really find the right location or the right developer to work with.”

Developer Mark Castleberry is overseeing the new Russell Street development.

Gamble said although Mugshot’s current location is in a beautiful building and the location compliments their business, the building’s age became the deciding factor.

“We take a lot of financial strain each year with maintenance,” Gamble said.

Prominent concerns Gamble wanted to address with the franchise’s growth were space and lack of parking.

Gamble said even when talking with customers, people would drive around to find parking and if they could not find a spot they would give up and go somewhere else.

GSDP Director of Tourism Jennifer Prather said the Partnership is upset to see a well established business move from the downtown area, but understands why Mugshots wants to move.

Prather said the GSDP is currently looking to bring in another restaurant to the vacant space.

“We would love to see it stay a restaurant because we would hate to lose that pillar in the downtown area,” Prather said.

Although the partnership is pushing for a restaurant, Prather said with a privately-owned business it is hard to know for certain what business will move in once Mugshots moves out. Prather said a law office is currently interested in the building.

Prather said the location can be difficult for restaurant owners with the building being two stories, but with the demand in eateries and the building historically hosting a restaurant, the right business can make it work.

For anyone interested in the building space, Prather said to call the GSDP office and she will get them in contact with the building owner.

With the relocation, Gamble wants to provide a refreshing new feel for customers with both accessibility and with its new design.

The building will feature an antique atmosphere incorporating memorabilia focusing on Mississippi State’s Left Field Lounge, such as bringing in old truck beds as seating for customers. The new location will also have a pickup window and curb side pick up.

“It’ll be kind of nostalgic but also create some history around the left field lounge,” Gamble said.

Another reason for moving, Gamble said, is to be in an area for customers to reach them more easily, whether if it is with parking or walking distance.

“That is obviously the number one reason, to try and increase traffic,” Gamble said.

Gamble said the restaurant will include equipment for them grind and process fresh patties.

Gamble hopes this move will change the customer’s overall experience at Mugshots.

“We really want to send a good signal to our customers because we are excited about this,” Gamble said.

The groundbreaking ceremony will take place at 10 a.m. today at 550 Russell Street.