Sanderson Center pool gets a facelift

The Sanderson Center pool, background, is getting a facelift
Staff Writer

Swimmers that enjoy the pool at the Sanderson Center on the Mississippi State campus may notice a change when they dive back in after May 1.
The pool is going through a slight facelift.
Work is underway to re-plaster the lining and there will also be new tile on the lane lines in the pool.
After 19 years, it was something that Sanderson Center aquatics and outdoor adventures director Trey Harris said was very much needed.
“After that many years, it wears down very extensively,” Harrison said about the plaster of the pool. “This new plaster we are putting down is supposed to hold up for the next 20 years.
“First of all, it’s going to brighten the place up a little bit, but the other thing is it’s something that really needed to be updated and done for several years now. I’m thankful to be able to do that.”
MSU interim director of recreation Patrick Nordin compared what’s being done with replacing the porcelain of a bathtub that has been chipped.
With the demand at the pool on a daily basis, Nordin said the improvement was necessary.
“We have a lot of members who like to swim and faculty and staff,” Nordin said. “We have alumni that have memberships to the Sanderson Center. It will improve the appearance and functionality of the pool for years to come. It’s something we’ve needed to do for a while now.”
Along with the use by members, the pool is the training site for the Shockwave Aquatic Swim Team and coach Tiger Christian looks forward to taking advantage of the renovation.
Harrison said patrons may not notice the change at first, but it won’t take long for them to notice the difference when using the pool.
“When they jump in, it’s really going to benefit and add to the longevity of the pool,” Harrison said.