National Championship brings MSU fans together at “The Hump”

Disappointed Mississippi State fans attend the National Championship watch party look on as the final seconds ticked down in Sunday’s loss to South Carolina (Photo by Ryan Phillips, SDN)

Despite the end result, Sunday saw droves of fans pour into Humphrey Coliseum on the Mississippi State University campus to cheer on the Lady Bulldogs as they played South Carolina in the NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship.

The event was free to the public and the game was broadcast live over the large scoreboard in the middle of the coliseum. At one point, a live stream of the cheering crowd was broadcast to the millions watching the game on ESPN.

Cowbells clattered and fans participated in the wide range of arena traditions, from cellphone lights swaying to a Journey song, to a giant wave that brought fans out of their seats.

MSU would go on to lose the contest 67-55, but that didn’t stop fans from turning out and showing their support in the hopes the Bulldogs would make their dreams a reality.

Michelle Blunt, 47, from Columbus, said she was saddened by the loss, but still supports the team and admires how their success brought the community and state together.

“I still love the Dogs even though they didn’t win,” she said. “Maybe next year. For them not to be (playing) here, it’s still a really nice crowd.”

Deborah Clay, 63, said the national championship game is the biggest Mississippi State sporting event in her lifetime.

“It is, i’m so proud to be here,” she said. “Praise God and go Dogs.”