Sirmon brings viper to MSU’s defensive plan

Peter Sirmon
Staff Writer

Opponents beware. Mississippi State’s newest defensive position is almost ready to strike.
The Bulldogs begin preseason practice Tuesday. With the season opener now less than five weeks away, that means first-year defensive coordinator Peter Sirmon is just days away from taking his viper out of its cage.
“The viper position is a guy that has to be kind of a big guy, but has to be able to cover (the pass),” MSU senior linebacker Richie Brown said at Southeastern Conference Media Days earlier this month. “We’ve got a few guys working out at that position. It’s going to be able to help us in the pass coverage as well as sometimes in the pass rush, having a real fast guy there that can help sometimes, depending on who you’re playing. We’re going to have a lot of coverages. (Opponents) are going to have to guess, ‘Are they rushing or are they covering.’ It’s going to add some flavor to our defense.”
Sirmon brought the viper position to the Bulldogs upon his arrival. He started implementing it during State’s spring practices.
“(With) what we’re doing, we need a guy with some versatility,” Sirmon said during the spring. “It doesn’t have to be a total cover guy. He needs to be a blend.”
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