Starkville's Charles "La La" Evans featured in Mutemath video, will appear on Ellen

Starkville's Charles "La La" Evans was featured in a music video from the band Mutemath that recently debuted. After the video aired, Ellen Degeneres invited Mutemath and Evans to be on her show in an episode that will air on Monday, Jan. 25, according to Ellen's website.

Evan's niece, Stephanie Evans, said La La will fly to Los Angeles today for filming.

On the page for Mutemath's music video, a band member said he was honored that Evans shared the story of his enduring love with his wife, who he was with for 59 years before she passed away in 2011.

"We feel so fortunate to have met Charles "LaLa" Evans when we did," lead singer Paul Meaney wrote. "He is the living embodiment of not only our song 'Monument,' but everything we aspired to write about for this whole new album. We are so honored that he allowed us the opportunity to share his simple yet profound story of an enduring love through our song's music video. It's the first time we've ever attempted anything like this, but we felt like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a documentary-style music video highlighting the life of a very special soul who might not have otherwise had their story told. We sincerely hope you enjoy and are able to take away the same joy and inspiration that we were upon getting to meet this wonderful man."